Mobile Strategy

The ever-increasing demand for smart phones in the market facilitates a need to focus on user needs in the mobile device area.

Going the mobile way

Most industries of late have been going mobile with their business. Developing mobile apps, creating mobile-friendly web pages and sites all go hand-in-hand with the marketing strategy for the brand in other areas. We devise the mobile strategy – mobile apps, mobile ads, mobile-friendly websites – that would benefit the brand when going for mobile marketing.


  • It helps gain a big customer base since nearly 3/4th of the world population has access to a mobile device
  • A good strategy helps gain insight into the type of features that customers look for in a mobile app
  • It helps mobilise an organisation to ‘go mobile’ in keeping with global trends

Our Recommendations

  • It has been a good association with Webmoghuls from the day we started working together.They have always put client relationship at the forefront when providing us their services. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective group who wants to avail their services.

    Shreya Ghosh Roy, Asst Manager: Marketing and Corporate Communications Team Taurus

  • Webmoghuls services are excellent. Their user experience design provides a unique and rich experience of user interactivity and their marketing provides you with great value with focused efforts.

    Mr. Murali Nagarajan, CEO CML Multimedia

  • When I decided to have my website made, I had a sketchy idea of what I wanted but Webmoghuls gave it shape through meticulous assessment and planning of my requirements. The overall result was very satisfactory. Thereafter, the social media marketing of my work was undertaken by them and I’ve gained a steady stream of followers who keep track of my articles and work.

    Dr P.K. Hazra, Interventional Cardiology AMRI Hospital

  • Webmoghuls have done a wonderful job for us taking care of the A-Z of our video ad designing, which is running successfully at various locations. They are a bunch of creative people dependable in the field of social media marketing

    Munmun Bhattacharya, Director Limelight Tiles

  • I have collaborated with Webmoghuls on several video making ventures and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. It is always productive to have a smooth working relationship when partnering with a group and I look forward to working with them again and again.

    Tiyash Sen, Proprietor Eye Level Films

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