In today’s web-savvy world of customers, a huge key to the success of online brand building is Customer Interaction. Brand management revolves plentily around building relationships with customers, providing them with useful information about the product/services, and answering their queries.

Hence its best to say that relying solely on SEO techniques like keywords and content, would not solve that purpose. Today, companies must integrate SEO with social media to promote their brands.

A huge scope has been provided to companies through the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., to reach huge audiences. Consider this :

The world population has been recorded as around 7 billion in 2012. Facebook hit 1 billion users in 2012. Hence, there is scope of tapping almost 1/7th of the world population in promoting one’s brand via the use of Facebook.

However, the use of these sites does come with a price. Companies need to stay on top of current trends and also maintain their social media pages in order to combat competition. Any form of negative media or campaign might prove highly detrimental.

A user would hardly think a minute before moving to another page if he/she comes across any negative reviews regarding the product. So ignoring bad press would not help your business.

Indifference might prove to be a killer in this clamour for promoting via social media. So the brand builders should make sure they not only provide information, they should also acknowledge negative comments and also gauge the reasons behind the customer’s peeves. The goal is to make sure the comments and tweets of appreciation severely outweigh the negative reviews about your product.

With the emergence of newer review sites like Yelp, bing, etc., more and more consumers have turned to a feedback and PR style. Companies looking to succeed in this ever-growing world of online media need to extend their reach using both social media sites and SEO techniques because that’s where the future is headed.

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