Going back to the recent past, we are reminded of the ways involved in changing of the pages of the WordPress category into the landing pages. The WordPress development was far more complicated in the past than in the present era. Thanks to a pair of plug-ins that have made the procedure a lot easier than ever before. The new techniques are highly efficient in converting the often so neglected pages into optimized ones.

Transforming the category pages into landing can prove to be better while utilizing the same technique. This can be a lot beneficial than using the tags alone. While discussing this topic, the biggest matter of concern would be a duplicate content. But, that is not a subject to be chewed upon if you have compiled a variety of topics on your blog.

The issue regarding the existence of a duplicate content becomes almost obsolete if the homepage of your blog offers to the visitors something more than just a blog-style list of the recent uploads.

Techniques employed in the conversion

There are a series of techniques involved in the conversion of category pages into landing pages some of which have been discussed below.

1. Structure the category pages

  • The blogs must be structured in such a way so that descriptions of your posts are displayed on the initial page of the segment; you can conceal them in the following pages with the aid of necessary and effective plug-ins.
  • The initial page of your site must mandatorily have INDEX and FOLLOW with regard to each segment.
  • The theme of the content must be customized in such a way so as to tag with only one element of the page.

2. Employ distinctive post quotations

Majority of the modern themes in WordPress development have already been using the post excerpts in order to frame a blog. Most of the issues regarding facsimile content can be resolved by displaying excerpts through the alteration settings for the category pages. You can also employ the thumbnails of the tailored images to highlight each post and embolden the visitors to click-through.

3. Evaluate text-selection and category name

Owing to the conversion of the WordPress category pages the name and link text must be evaluated. It is quite obvious that there will be as many internal links as the number of posts. This includes the breadcrumbs and those that emerge at the first and concluding part of each post.

But, there must be a wise utilization of these links. It is worth knowing that the category page is the lone part of the post that must include the keyword phrase in the form of the heading, or target the individual keywords. The categorization must be made in a tiered structure.

Just focusing on the popular search engine is not recommended here; rather try to realize the ways in which you quest for information and the ways in which you can classify your stuff thereby making it easier for your visitors to find their much sought after topics on your website.

4. Introduce descriptions on the category page

The category description must be written in a specific manner which you can use throughout your website for that category. Something innovative must be tried rather than just specifying the location of the related posts. Provide your visitors with a chance to land on your page by transforming the category pages into landing pages.

The description written for a category must be able to sell off a portion of your blog or site. The description must include at least two paragraphs about the owner of the site, the site in itself and the topic. Some information about the posts must be included so as to ascertain the reliability of the website.

Owing to the introduction of a meta-description, a brief and authentic version of the description is added, which is again made possible by the WordPress SEO.

5. Prevailing posts must be restructured

Reassessing your posts at regular interval is necessary for WordPress development. The quotes and passages must be updated and transformed into invitations that would lure the visitor to return to your website and go through each post again and again. One must also know that the quotes would be appearing on the category pages of the WordPress.

The keyword or the category name must be included after restructuring. It must be remembered, that the quotes are going to be an integral part of the content of the chosen landing page, which on the other hand can be utilized to one’s own advantage.

Final thoughts

The visitors are often lured into the site with the help of landing pages. For that matter, the category pages of the WordPress are perfectly designed so as to grab the attention of the visitors. While investing much less endeavor, the pages can be transformed into a highly appealing platform to attract a huge amount of conversion.

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