Redesigning of an existing website

Web design, WordPress CMS, UX design, Digital Marketing

Website :


The Samilton Hotel is a luxurious landmark hotel situated in the heart of the city Kolkata. The hotel had an informative website, but it was lacking the necessary features to do well like

  • Information Architecture was not proper
  • Website not mobile friendly
  • Lots of Hotel information was missing
  • Social media not planned properly
  • No facility to backend content management system (CMS)
  • Overall lack of user experience

What We Did

  • Improve Information Architecture
  • For CMS we have used WordPress
  • Custom WordPress theme design and Development
  • Responsive design using Bootstrap frameworks for targeting multiple device and dimension
  • Installed SEO plugins and implement content strategy so that SEO score improved.

Since the new site went live in early June 2014, the website has seen the following results :

  • 60% increase in website traffic
  • 150% increase in mobile traffic
  • Booking increased
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • SEO Position based on certain keywords improved