Redesigning of an existing website

Web design, WordPress CMS, UX design, Digital Marketing

Website :


SaaS Transportation provides leading edge technology software solutions to the transportation industry. They are looking for modern Mobile friendly easy to use website. Where they can highlight their Services and products. They were also looking for easy to use CMS so that they can manage their content own.

  • Information Architecture was not proper
  • Website not mobile friendly
  • Main products and services not highlight
  • Social media not planned properly
  • No facility to backend content management system (CMS)
  • Overall lack of user experience


What We Did

  • Improve Information Architecture
  • For CMS we have used WordPress
  • Custom WordPress theme design and Development
  • Responsive design using Bootstrap frameworks for targeting multiple device and dimension
  • Installed SEO plugins and implement content strategy so that SEO score improved.

Since the new site went live in early June 2014, the website has seen the following results :

  • 40% increase in website traffic
  • 80% increase in mobile traffic
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • SEO Position based on certain keywords improved