Nowadays, nearly half of all online traffic comes through the mobiles or tablets. The emerging trend of tablets and mobiles means people are visiting websites on every type of devices.

Gone are the days when we used to use the computer for internet surfing. Mobile devices actually have made it easy to surf the internet more easily from everywhere.

Presently, Responsive web design is a jargon for every web developer as they design various types of websites so that these can be accessed from various platforms.

Hence, this type of web design is currently the latest way that is being followed by many designers worldwide.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can the responsive design enhance the chances of a site ranking better in the SERPs? The answer is definitely YES and here’s why:

Mobile search ranking:

According to the latest mobile ranking method designed by Google, it prefers the sites, especially which are compatible with every sort of devices like mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Bounce rate:

In case your website is not mobile-friendly, it can face the high bounce rate issues for mobile searching. Getting more bounce rate will open more chances for your site to get a negative rank.
Hence, it’s better to have a good connection between mobile and desktop version of your site, so that it can result in a better rank in the SERPs.

Single URL:

When you have a responsive site, you don’t need to create two versions of it because it is expensive and increases the risk of misinformation on either of the sites.

Link building:

Clicking on your mobile-friendly site will take a visitor to the mobile version of it also. It helps connect a visitor connect to the prime web page from the mobile version simply by clicking on the link given by the mobile version of the site.

This is helpful for SEO to stream all the link juice to a single URL and also offers an amazing user experience to the visitors.

Duplicate content:

A mobile responsive site keeps you peaceful as there is no chance of getting hit by Panda for having similar content in both mobile and desktop version.

As per responsive website design strategy, the visitors are served with the content from the similar URL in every device.

Local search:

According to the experts, unlike desktop searches, local search is an imperative factor of mobile searches on the mobile devices.

Not every local search helps in online shopping but some opt for them straight from the mobile SERPs for the business purpose.

Reputation building:

According to 48% of the population, if your site doesn’t work properly on their mobiles, it makes them feel like your organization doesn’t care about their business.

Social share growth:

A responsive web design helps you keep every social share to a single website and it’s completely readable on every device whenever a link to your website is shared.


The prime task of responsive design is making sites easier to read for the visitors and thereby, it improves the complete user experience.

If many people enjoy this experience, many visitors will come back. And it is sufficient to know why Google has included the mobile friendliness factor in its ranking algorithm.

Faster load time:

Page load speed is another ranking factor. Responsive web design doesn’t need a redirection of queries to a specific URL; thus, it’s quicker than a mobile website.

As of now, Google has declared that it is utilizing the website speed in online search ranking, and this trend will go on.

Do you have a responsive website design?

The responsive design enables the web page owner to pull the contemporary online users via the smartphone devices and helps him/her to take a step ahead of his competitors.

So, have you already moved to the responsive design? Well, you must be! Webmoghuls’ website developers are on the mission of creating responsive sites the norm for all organizations.

Hence, if you want to drive traffic to your business and your site to rule the search engines, then contact us now to get a new start for switching to the responsive website design.

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