In case you are involved with any kind of content marketing like eBooks, blogging or social media, you must have a content marketing strategy. In order to develop a successful content marketing, you should plan in advance for the upcoming year, 2018.

Proper preparation, better ideas of SEO, and advanced technologies will help you build a revolutionary content marketing strategy in the future. Here are some of the most effective content marketing tactics that you should apply for the next year:

Create great pieces of content

This is the most important part of applying your strategytohis is where your goal starts. You need to put extreme time and effort for building excellent content pieces. Outsourcing content is definitely easy but you should try to utilize in-house content for better success. Build a content team if you don’t have and share your ideas and plans with them in a meeting.

Your content should connect to your goals. Be dedicated to the goal-driven success and don’t waste your time or effort to the content that is not aligned with your goals. Your content should be authentic and aligned with a cause. In order to bring the best performance of your content, you often need to invest some money to meet the rising demands of the market.

Reap the benefits of growing media

Your content marketing success starts when people read, share and distribute your content. And for that, you should have up-to-date info regarding the trends about the growing or future media to shape your content strategy.

Visually rich content like infographics, photos and illustrations will boost your content marketing efforts. Live streaming is more useful to share on the social media. Try to make a strategy of applying daily live streaming video into your content.

Rather than building desktop websites mobile-accessible, you should build mobile sites which open on the desktop screen also. This will change your content operation and it will not just attract the mobile visitors but also the desktop users.

Alongside the live streaming video, you can only opt for the recorded videos which are casual and can bring almost 79% traffic to your content. Your video promotion includes uses of advertisement and social media sharing as well.

Make your content optimized for different platforms

In order to encounter a significant transformation in your content, you should optimize it for other platforms. Mobile marketing is popular now and the voice-to-text is going to be the main player in 2018.

Voice search is the most significant trend in 2017 and will be more popular in 2018 also. If you still haven’t used this platform, it’s time to focus on it! Asking for directions is the prime job of voice search and the inclusion of content will attract the present requirements.

IoT (Internet of Things) is another trend in today’s market. In order to revolutionize your content marketing, you should create content for the IoT devices online.

Smart speakers will be a leader of the content strategy in 2018. While people are using Siri today, devices like Google Home and Echo will also become popular in the upcoming year. Displaying your content on the voice-only devices will help you build an accomplished content strategy.

Start personalizing content

Producing unique content for different niches that can appeal to more visitors or customers is considered to be personalization. Unique content brings the possibility of promising clients and drives huge conversions as well.

Personalize the content of your eCommerce websites, depending on several clients’ interests and purchase habits. Explore the requirements of your clients and personalize the content for the rising market.

Another easy personalization is done by email marketing. Promote your content through emails, targeting your audience. In order to reach more customers, you can opt for marketing channels as well. You can personalize your messages to send the potential clients. Build more creative and efficient market by personalizing your content.

Pay heed to content distribution

According to studies done by the content marketers, creating excellent content pieces and distributing them to the target audience are the best ways to accomplish your content marketing. Different distribution channels like paid, earned or owned will play a major role in 2018.

The owned channels like blogs will need you to get more traffic than before and earned channels like social platforms will develop more with their paid elements. A strong existence on the paid media channels will make your content strategy successful in 2018. Hence, you should focus on the paid promotions for better client interaction.

Mastering earned media is really difficult. You have little or no control over this channel. Try to increase your social media posts in the future. The owned channels like blogs and websites also need your attention.


So, these are a few effective ways to develop a successful content strategy. Is there anymore strategy in your mind? If yes, feel free to share with us.

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