Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various other famous social networks update their respective platforms continuously. That is the reason it is censorious for the Social Media marketing team to be up-to-date with the current developments in the area of social network and digital media. To assist you to brace for the upcoming alteration in 2018, we have clubbed together a long list of top-class Social Media Marketing trends which you must know.

Let us dive forward.


We have heard a lot regarding mobilification for the past few years, however for some insane rationale; most of the businesses are not taking any action. You can stand in a queue anywhere and can just analyze what the folks are doing. It is a complete assurance that the folks are likely to have their minds buried in the mobile device. Mobile is sure to remain, the top priority for the digital marketers for the coming years.

You must put the mobile-oriented strategy in the right place to engross with your customers and prospects. Consideration of mobile strategy means having a mobile-friendly website with the ability to directly send the text messages to the end customers. For instance, a restaurant industry has the potential to easily get away by transmitting special texts once a week, while a medical clinic would be considerably hard pressed on sending something or the other on regular basis.

Therefore, sending two to three messages a month, a hilarious text, a promotional text and a text with a call to action, would just be an apt start off. Once you begin, you will be quick in gauging how many texts your end users or audience will answer to.

Media Properties:

What kind of business do you manage? Regardless of the answer, you can think your business in relation to Media Company. From where do you avail most of the information regarding what is happening in the globe? Whether you go through the news via the online platform or still rely on newspaper, the news report manages to keep the folks engaged for the month, week or day.

Likewise, the best manner to manage the discussion in relation to your customers and prospects is to be before them with standard content. You can commence a media podium which is completely focused on conveying authentic and helpful content to the target audience. This can mean a well-thought blog, podcast or live stream video filmed on weekly basis. A business producing the best content is likely to be on the top.


Chatbots are in a rage for an amazing reason. If you are not familiar, you must think them as an interactive tool on the side of a website that can answer the questions and comments of the customers. Chatbots are utilized for the purpose of engagement, asking of general questions, solving of customer service problems and for closing business deals. You can launch a Facebook or website chatbot to communicate with the prospects. You must find something hilarious and engaging to begin a conversation, as the chat requires to be initiated by the prospect.


The organic traffic from the SEO or Search Engine Optimization continues to be the best source to garner web traffic for any business. While there involve a lot of components involved in ranking, the number of website or social reviews that you garner is a key ingredient. Google ranks the website by analysing the Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, Google reviews and more.

While the reviews are important for the rankings in relation to search engine, they can play as a catalyst to make or break a definite sale. You must gather a standard plan to get reviews for the business you run. You must be careful that you do not incentivize the users, but however, you must have a definite system for requesting reviews.


In maximum surveys, the consumers state that they prefer video over messages. Videos assist in telling a story which is compelling in nature, to get the brand’s agenda across in a faster manner, thereby ameliorating sales. Video on a sales page or landing page, for instance, can assist you to increase the conversions by a margin of 80%.

You can get started by perpetrating to formulate four to five videos a month. Whether you aim at doing a YouTube video, Facebook video or a video just for your business website, it does not matter. You must obtain the habit of creating video content for your customers and prospects.

Nothing on the social media is as attractive as a well-prepared video content. Whether you are marketing on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, it appears that the social engagement statistics are heading to be across the roof in the year 2018.

In case, if you are not very convinced, the Social Media Marketing statistics for video proves why videos are worth getting your attention:

  • Viewers of the Youtube site view billion hours of video every day.
  • Users of Facebook consume more than eight billion videos daily.
  • Eight-two percent of the Twitter users view videos on this platform.

Video content can appear in various forms, from live streams to 360 degrees. This endows the digital media marketing team with a considerable amount of flexibility at the time of planning a video campaign. One thing which you must keep in mind is that mobile device always comes first.

As the ninety percent of the total twitter views and sixty percent of the YouTube views are from mobile device users. Due to this basic reason, about sixty-five percent of the marketers have considered elevating their yearly budget for the mobile advertisement to focus more on the videos this year.

Direct Response vs. Branding:

Conveying your story vs. conveying the folks what to conduct is critical. To portray a more evocative picture, go through the example given below.

A client, Educators Union, hosts splendid events around the year providing value to the members, thereby depicting their brand well to the concerned community. Frequent times in a year, the brand host a scrap day, enabling the members to get papers which are to be shredded at zero cost.

Their communicative team is always there to assist and make it a joyful community oriented day. There include no call to action. By this way, the team keeps their brand name recognizable in the respective community.

Therefore, you must stop putting all the attention on call to action and must make sure that you are first delivering value, delineating your respective business in the best light and narrating your story rightly to the audience at large.

The social media influencers are getting more influence:

The major advantage of the social media influencer marketing is that it thoroughly helps in establishing the brand. When the brand works with a top influencer in the market, the marketer might expect a heated competition in the market. To neglect the ultimate pressure of emulating with the other brands, marketers look out to develop a lasting relationship with the key social influencers.

However, there has been advancement this year in the field of influencer marketing which constitutes to authenticity. The consumers will easily be able to detect the influencer brand cooperation that is forced and might call it off. This is the reason why the savvy marketers focus on formulating an organic relationship with the influencers who would mesh with the brand in the year 2018.

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