Website design starts with the process of collecting data and further implements the data for making the design successful.

Good website design involves proper layout of the website, user interface, website structure, navigation, use of appropriate color and fonts, using the multimedia gallery, and many more things.

Hiring an excellent Indian web design company can add value to a business tremendously and can help a business earn an excellent reputation in the market.

There are different layouts possible in website design, and few are discussed here to make the topic clear.

Types of website layout:

Static layout:

The static website gives the fixed width of a site, and it does not change in the browser, and It is not possible to update the contents in a static website. The main advantage of static layout s that it is light on load and can load faster than other websites. Also, the cost of a static layout may be lower when compared with a dynamic layout of a website.

Dynamic layout:

The dynamic layout can be simple or complex and it will depend on the design and development needs of a customer.

The dynamic layout may be created with JavaScript, PHP, open-source, etc. with the implementation of creativity in design and development.

The dynamic layouts can be useful in adding a lot of functionalities on a website and can be easy to manage and add contents with CMS.

Responsive design layout:

With the gaining popularity of the usage of Smartphone, the users now feel comfortable to access the websites while on the go. Different other devices are also used to access the websites, and the sizes of the screens may vary widely in such devices.

The approach of responsive website design is to make the presentation of the websites easier on different devices by making it responsive.

Websites can fit in exactly as per the size of the screen, thus making it easier to read as well as navigate. Responsive website designs make it possible to display different contents correctly, even if the browsers are contracted and expanded.

Fluid or liquid design layout:

In the case of liquid website design, the content of the page can spread out while the browser is resizing. The content can fill out the width of the browser as and when expanded and the term liquid design is used for this reason.

It can make the website work seamlessly with different browsers and is also getting very popular as website design.

Single page web design layout:

Single page web designs are, and if it is appropriately designed, it can help to convey the message with simple, quick scrolls.

The single-page website designs are very much compatible with internet browsers, and the website pages provide a linear journey and can work well for navigation.

Advantages of making great websites:

There are many advantages of excellent website design and few are discussed here:

It can be of tremendous help to marketing: Excellent website designs complemented with digital marketing can be compelling for businesses to increase traffic and improve conversions.

Good website design can help to build brands: An excellently designed website can tell the story of the brand to the audience quite convincingly.

The customers browsing a well planned and well-designed website can easily feel the stamp of professionalism in such websites.

Small business can compete easily with big ones: Indian web Design Company can make excellent website design for even small businesses that can help the companies to compete with the big brands easily.

The companies do not need to spend a fortune for earning a reputation in the market, and a business can easily reach the prospects with the

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