If you wish to attract your current and potential customers online, you should definitely have an SEO friendly content writing skills.

What is SEO friendly content? Well, an SEO friendly content is the one which is intriguing, interesting, and have original content which can keep the readers engaged for a longer period of time.

The higher the SEO friendly content ratio, the higher will be its traffic and visibility online.

Benefits of SEO Friendly Content

Better user experience –

if you have a business, you have an opportunity to enhance your customer experience manifolds. You can achieve this by posting some very interesting content which will satisfy your customers’ expectations and needs.

Having a website that can offer the latest and advanced options and is mobile compatible is the strongest positive point of SEO Friendly Content.

Better Rate of conversion–

You can increase your conversion rate manifolds by having a strong and SEO Friendly Content on your website. Customers look forward to reading some high quality and interesting content which can satisfy their queries in a single read.

Remember that you are in a position to influence and cater your target market only till the time you are successful in maintaining your market position. You can enhance your user experience by uploading high-quality pictures, videos and a lot of creative writing.

Leads – You can expect a high amount of lead by uploading some really effective and SEO Friendly Content. People will come and read your content and will get influence in either a positive or negative manner.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a B2C or B2B organization, you can expect a boost in leads with the help of SEO Friendly Content. Try to generate the primary lead with the help of this business trick.

Brand Awareness –

If you are new to this market or have introduced a new product or service, an SEO Friendly Content can do wonders for you. SEO is the gateway for strong brand awareness. SEO is the best way to introduce your brand to the customers and create awareness about it and your future business goals.

How to write an SEO Friendly Content

Keywords –

The first trick to writing good and intriguing content is to go for the correct and apt keywords. Keywords selection is the process of deciding the best keywords which will fetch the highest website results. Keywords are the words that customers use to search your business services and products online.

Length –

Make sure your content is neither very lengthy nor very brief. As mentioned above, people like to read content which is informative and logical. This is the reason that Google supports the content which is above 1000 words and encourage companies to follow a similar pattern only. Therefore it is advisable to have optimum word counts that can are enough to satisfy the ever-increasing queries and doubts of the customers.

Links –

Links are a very important part of SEO friendly content. Make sure you link your post content to your current ones. This will help your customers recollect your past content and can decide upon their future choices. This step can enhance your positive image in the minds of the customers.

This is not the end of the story; try to structure your content into appropriate headings and subheadings. This will not only structure your content but will also make it interesting and readable.

You can expect a good ranking in the Google search results after this. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and post an intriguing content for your customers.

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