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WebMoghuls is a team of innovative, tech savvy entrepreneurs who believe in using digital strategies to maximise the business benefits of an organisation. By closely analysing and accumulating information about the goals and vision of an organisation, Webmoghuls formulates the dynamics that would best represent the organisation’s objective and initiatives, using the web as a powerful medium of marketing.

Besides internet marketing, our agency is also involved with concocting methodologies to best impact the overall experience of a user in an interactive setting with a system. User experience design is one of the primary areas that we specialise in, focusing heavily on the appeal of UI and visual design. We employ the services of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who understand the need for better aesthetics and visual communication in today’s rapidly growing perception about user experience design.

What we can do for you

User Experience Design

We deal with the graphic treatment of interface elements, such as the “look” as in the look-and-feel of the front-end of any visual design

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Internet Marketing

We believe that it is possible to reach a wide audience via internet marketing for just a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets

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Web Analytics

We aim to help companies by using web analytic applications to estimate how traffic to a website changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign

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Client testimonials

Mr. Murali Nagarajan<

"Web Moghuls services are excellent. Their user experience design provides a unique and rich experience of user interactivity and their marketing provides you with great value with focused efforts."Mr. Murali Nagarajan, CEO, CML Multimedia

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